No matter what happens to Jack Sock during the rest of the French Open, the young American has already won.

That's because Sock, who has been hailed by many as the next American male tennis star, has spurned fine French cuisine for fast food. That's right. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Sock admitted to eating at Chipotle "six or seven nights" during the 10 nights he's been in Paris. Making Sock's feat all the more impressive is that there is only one Chipotle in the entire city of Paris.

Bravo, Sock.

Amazingly, this isn't some kind of record for Sock, a 20-year-old native of Nebraska. A few years ago the fast food chain became good luck for the youngster, and so he went there for dinner 18 nights in a row. Seriously. It seems Sock is still getting good vibes from the burritos, as he pulled off an impressive straight-sets victory in his first match this week.

At this rate, Sock will join Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper in Chipotle's secretive, free burrito society in no time.

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From his upcoming cameo in the Grown Ups sequel to his skills as a broadcaster displayed during the TNT NBA halftime show, Shaq is one of those players who never managed to settle quietly into retirement. Now to add to his list, he's launching his own soda line.

Shaq signed a deal with Arizona Iced Tea to put his own cans in stores beginning in June. On Tuesday, he tweeted out a picture of the cans -- which we can say, we'll be thrilled to see everywhere.

Perhaps in keeping with Shaq's personality, the soda flavors are not exactly the standard selections with Blueberry Cream, Strawberry Cream, Orange Cream and Vanilla Cream. Shaq will receive "a small percentage of wholesale sales," according to Fortune magazine. It also reported that Arizona's initial release will be 50 million cans of Shaq Soda.

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The Yankees are facing some scrutiny after local website found that they are mislabeling domestic beer Goose Island as an "import." And according to the article, it's the second time this season they've committed such a sudsy sin in their stadium.

Goose Island began as a Chicago-based brewery and is now in the Anheuser-Busch family. It has never been brewed outside the U.S. A spokesperson for Legends' Hospitality, which operates the stadium's concessions, told DNAinfo they were in the process of switching out the signs on the carts that were mislabeled. He said an Anheuser-Busch import had been expected but Goose Island arrived instead.

On the import cart sign, Goose Island shares billing three other Anheuser-Busch products: Beck's, originally from Germany but now brewed in the U.S, and Stella Artois and Hoegaarden, both from Belgium.

“It’s a situation where, quite literally, the cart came before the horse,” the spokesman told the website.

But for a stadium that was already caught with its pants down on another beer snafu last month, when it mislabeled non-craft beers as craft beers, it seems like an embarrassing one to make again.

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The former Rutgers assistant basketball coach whose videotaped compilation of practices started an investigation and eventual firing of head coach Mike Rice seems to have found a new calling: A restaurant.

Eric Murdock told USA Today that he and a business partner plan on opening Stapleton's Restaurant & Lounge in time for Memorial Day.

"It's something that's a great transition for me from playing and coaching to the rest of my life," he told the newspaper. "This is something I'll be hands-on with. I'll be here meeting and greeting people."

The restaurant is located in a strip mall in Raritan, N.J., which is about a half hour drive from the Rutgers campus. Murdock said it is named after his high school coach, Vaughn Stapleton and will reportedly specialize in seafood.

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Normally, Kobe Bryant is busy at this time of the year.

Bryant's Los Angeles Lakers have made it to the second round of the NBA playoffs in five of the past six years. But this season Bryant suffered a season-ending Achilles injury and his Lakers got swept in the first round by the San Antonio Spurs. So Bryant has a lot more time on his hands, and that's not such a bad thing.

Bryant's wife Vanessa's birthday is May 5, and while Kobe would usually be too busy to have an elaborate celebration, he made sure to do it big this year.

Bryant flew in Fabrizio de Togni, the head chef at Vanessa's favorite restaurant in Milan, to cook for the family. Bryant, of course, spent some of his childhood in Italy and is fluent in Italian.

"He's a friend," Bryant wrote of de Togni, "and agreed to fly in for Vanessa's bday dinner and prepare her fav dishes."

By the looks of it, the dinner included eggplant parmesan and penne arrabbiata.

While it's hard to believe that all the restaurants in Los Angeles weren't good enough for the Bryants, when you make $30 million a year, you can do things like this. Plus, one look at Paper Moon's mouth-watering menu and it's not hard to see why this is the Bryants' restaurant of choice.

Make It Yourself: Beer-Infused Pizza

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Suffice it to say none of the Cincinnati Reds will ever go hungry during one of the team's charter flights.

Dallas Latos, the wife of Cincinnati pitcher Mat Latos, tweeted the team's menu for the flight from Chicago to Cincinnati over the weekend. And it is something else. It includes pre-departure snacks, dinner, snacks and beverages. All for a roughly one hour flight.

Here's a recap:

Pre-Departure Snacks: Individual personal pizzas, California sushi rolls, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, assorted chips, shrimp cocktail, fresh fruit cups.
Dinner selections: Carrot cake, Fried shrimp with macaroni and cheese and sauteed haricot verts, chicken stir fry with jasmine rice and stir fried vegetables, baked lasagna, bleu cheese and spinach entree salad with a grilled beef fillet on top of a salad, angus beef burgers
Snacks: Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars, caramel popcorn, fresh fruit and cheese, assorted candy bars, mixed nuts.

If this is the menu for a trip from Chicago to Cincinnati, you've got to wonder: What's the menu for the Reds' flight to San Diego?

(H/T to For The Win)

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We've seen a fair share of interesting boats in San Francisco's McCovey Cove -- a DeLorean hovercraft and a "Splash Craft" being the most bizarre -- and after this weekend's series between the Giants and the Dodgers we can add another vessel to the list.

Thanks to ESPN, the hot dog kayak made its maiden voyage Sunday night during the series finale between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Manned by London Van Der Kamp, a professional kayaker who works at REI, the purpose of the boat was to serve free hot dogs to other kayakers in the Cove.

Van Der Kamp's kayak was equipped with a warming compartment as well as condiments. And just in case he ran out of hot dogs, ESPN provided another boat with extra supplies.

"I'm just really excited that we could make it happen," Van Der Kamp said. "It's nice to be out giving out some hot dogs to the hard-core Giant lovers out there. They deserve it."

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