1.25 billion. That's how many chicken wings are expected to be eaten Sunday during the Super Bowl. More than 100 million pounds. They'll be deep-fried, baked and grilled. Sauced the standard Buffalo way or in garlic, lemon pepper, honey mustard…the list goes on and on. But out of the thousands of ways that football fans will scarf them down this weekend, none are as unique and bizarre as the five craziest we've discovered. One of them even takes the cake -- literally.

Cranberry Barbecued Chicken Wings

This next entry is a recipe solution looking for a problem. On the surface it almost seems like a good idea. Turkey and cranberry sauce is a classic combination, but the wobbly, canned stuff has about as much appeal as watching the Pro Bowl. So why anyone would want to coat perfectly good chicken wings with this Thanksgiving reject is anyone’s guess. Still, it certainly qualifies as crazy, which is why it made our list. The truly brave can try out the recipe here.

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The NHL All-Star Game is a collection of the best players from all across the league.

Why shouldn't the food be the same?

That's what Keith Jones, executive chef at Scotiabank Place, wondered before putting together the incredible menu for this weekend. He reached out to the other ARAMARK chefs, who provide food and beverage service around the league, to help create a unique spread for the fans.

"It was the responsibility of each local culinary team to come up with a sandwich that reflected their own personal representation of their city," Jones says. "Local tastes, ingredients, and flare were considered when deciding on the signature sandwiches."

And since this is the first time the home of the Ottawa Senators will host the All-Star Game, Jones went all out for his offering. The Capital Beef Hoagie is comprised of roasted top sirloin with St. Albert's cheese curds and crispy fried onions on a crusty roll. No surprise, but it's the chef's favorite item available this weekend.

With all the international attention on Ottawa, it was important to Jones to showcase the best his staff and the country had to offer.

"Using items that are truly Canadian, such as Alberta beef, St. Albert cheese, Quebec artisan cheeses, wild mushrooms, and many more local items, we believe that we have represented our local ingredients very well," he says.

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Tim Tebow is everywhere.

'80's rocker John Parr recently re-wrote his hit single "St. Elmo's Fire" to honor the Broncos quarterback and more than a half-million people have viewed it since it was posted on YouTube just a few days ago.

A Denver-area brewery launched a barleywine called "Tebrew."

One anonymous restaurant created a funny special based on Tebow's erratic start and late game heroics. The motto of its "Tebow-rrito": "3/4 of it sucks, but the last 1/4 is AWESOME!"

But the latest and most artistic tribute to Tebow comes in the form of pizza.

Joe Carlucci of Famous Joe's Pizzeria in Madison, Ala., is decorating one of his creations with the Broncos quarterback's face.

"I'm a huge fan of Tebow and everything he stands for," Carlucci told ThePostGame.com on the phone Friday.

He wouldn't go into the specifics of how he carves the silhouette into the cheese to create the works of edible art, but did admit that the process is detailed and time-consuming. It's just the next innovation from the man who is a four-time World Pizza Champion and has appeared on television from the Food Network to ESPN (see below). Carlucci is also a Guinness World Record holder for the highest pizza toss.

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Getting NFL tickets is cake for Duff Goldman.

All the Baltimore superfan and owner of Charm City Cakes has to do is call up one of the Ravens. His bakery has supplied a lot of the players over the years and he's built relationships with many of them, so they're happy to execute a seats-for-cake trade.

"A few years ago, a friend of mine from college who's a cop in Brooklyn brought 20 guys in his unit down," Goldman says by phone. "I traded Matt Stover a cake for his entire section."

Although the Ace of Cakes star isn't originally from Baltimore, he considers the city home and counts a few Ravens as some of the favorite professional athletes he's gotten to meet. Ray Lewis made the biggest impression, although it was hard for Goldman to put into words.

"There really is something to that guy that you shake his hand and you can feel the energy coming out of him," he says of the Ravens linebacker.

But pressed to name his favorite member of the black and purple, Goldman goes with Haloti Ngata. The oversized Tongan defensive tackle came to Charm City Cakes to help decorate one day and impressed the owner with his efforts. Duff, though, couldn't resist trying to take down the 330-pounder.

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It's that time of year again. Break out the Kettle Brand Chips, pop open the brewski and get ready to watch the Super Bowl. Right?

Maybe not. There's a decent argument to be made for serving wine over beer at your football gathering. Sounds blasphemous, but there's a pretty credible voice in favor of the idea: Rick Mirer, the former NFL and Notre Dame quarterback, is the owner of Mirror Wine, and he's not the only former football star in the wine business. Dan Marino and Drew Bledsoe are just two of many other NFL alums in the wine business.

So why vino? Let Mirer help explain:

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It elevates the house party

First and foremost, you get better food. "It's a different kind of meal," says Mirer, the former Seattle Seahawk. "Yeah, I have no problem with pretzels, Doritos and chicken wings, but you pull out a different type of food when you pull out a bottle of wine. You upgrade the h'ors d'oeuvres. It's a food friendly beverage." In other words: Wine goes with almost everything.

It's green

Ever look at the counter of a bar during a big game and think there's a whole lot of recycling that must be done after all those drinks are consumed? "We feel responsible for that," Mirer says. "You don't have so many empties with wine bottles." Also remember wine gets better with age. Beer? Not so much. If you tell people to come by and drink your 1975 Schlitz six-pack, you won't have many friends at your party.

Better for heart than beer

There are definitely arguments over this point, but we'll side with ScienceDaily, which reports "drinkers of wine benefit from [wine's] cardio-protective effects, more so than those who drink beer or other spirits, and may also live longer." And that's not the only scientific report with those results. "Wine kind of helps clean you out a little bit especially when people cut back on what they eat," Mirer says. "We're all trying to get healthy in some way."

No beer, no beer gut

Hard to argue this point. And that brings us to ...

The ladies

Maybe you can impress your date by shotgunning a beer if you're 19, but most women are more impressed by a guy who can read a wine list than a guy who can belch "The Star Spangled Banner." So if you think "sommelier" is a backup defenseman for the Montreal Canadiens, maybe you should introduce yourself to a nice Malbec. And while you drink beer all season with your buds, shouldn't the Super Bowl offer more of a special vibe? "Wine has a celebratory kind of feel as opposed to just a can of beer when you’re fishing or golfing," Mirer says. The Super Bowl comes once a year, so give your friends (and possible dates) a chance to say "Cheers."

And Mirer has one more important point in wine's favor: "A few bottles go farther," he says. "Less trips to the bathroom." Enough said.

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Looking for a great place to watch the Packers game on Sunday?

You could go to any one of the thousands of sports bars, pizza joints and buffalo wing chains from Green Bay to Dubai, but only one restaurant can claim one of the team's stars -- Nelson's Landing.

You may have heard of Alan and Kim Nelson's middle son, Jordy. The Packers wide receiver got on the map last year, grabbing the first touchdown of Super Bowl XLV, and has cruised into the spotlight this season. He led the Packers with 68 receptions, 1,263 yards and 15 touchdowns.

But Jordy's roots are humble to be sure. Long before the Nelsons opened up their restaurant just off of U.S. Highway 24 in Leonardville, Kan., they made ends meet by farming. They raise Black Angus beef and grow everything from corn to alfalfa to wheat and beans.

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Venus Williams is swearing off steak.

But Prince Fielder going vegetarian this is not.

Venus was diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome (pronounced show-grins) this past summer, an incurable immune system disorder that caused her to pull out of the U.S. Open in August. Through the recommendation of her sister, Serena, Venus began looking into holistic treatments for the disease, which has no conventional remedies.

The seven-time Grand Slam winner decided to give up meat and dairy opting for a raw, vegan diet to help manage her symptoms. Those include overall fatigue, dry mouth and dry eyes. Williams is hoping the new eating regimen will help ease the inflammation in her joints, something a 2001 study found effective in fibromyalgia patients. The disease is similar and causes chronic pain and fatigue. In fact, many patients with Sjogren's also have fibromyalgia and some initially diagnosed with fibromyalgia also have Sjogren's.

Venus had been feeling fatigue and other symptoms going back years, but doctors weren't able to identify the cause until a month before the U.S. Open.

"I would go to the doctor and start crying. I couldn't help it," Venus told People magazine. "I just want a chance to play on the same field as other people, I want to feel normal, but as frightening as the diagnosis was, it was also a relief."

Despite the terrible news, Venus tried to press on and play in the tournament, which she had won twice before. Unfortunately, the disease proved to be too much and she had to pull out before her second match.

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