Football fans are passionate people. When those passionate people have money, some crazy purchases can ensue.

That's the only explanation for this world-class tailgating ride: A nine-seat Mercedes van featuring seats embroidered with the signature of Alabama coach Nick Saban.

According to, Mercedes dealerships owned by Saban are selling a limited number of these vans. The reasonable retail price? Just $200,000.

The dealership also teamed with to produce a dramatic video chronicling the design of the van:

Yes, it sounds crazy. But Crimson Tide fans don't understand the concept of moderation, and this vehicle is legitimately impressive: Included in the luxury van are three televisions, hardwood floors, a cooler, even massage chairs.

In other words, this van is what you'd get if a normal tailgating vehicle and a day spa had a baby. The "Nick Saban Signature Series Mercedes-Benz Sprinter," as it is known, is designed primarily for tailgating, but also for corporate entertaining and family travel.

Saban told that he didn't design the van, but he did make sure it was an excellent ride worth its hype and high price tag.

"There's a standard that we want to do things to," Saban said. "After looking at what they produced, I'm extremely pleased and proud and happy."

There's only one problem with these vans: Just 15 are being sold. And, believe or not, there are going to be buyers.

If you can't afford the steep cost, you'd better go find yourself some rich friends. This can may be over-the-top, but there's nothing else like it -- and it guarantees a great time.

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