Hungry? Go watch a football game at Texas A&M's Kyle Field. The Aggies have devised what they think is the ultimate solution to growling stomachs: A 4-foot, 12-pound hot dog garnished with other accoutrements to feed a dozen people on its own.

Dubbed the "Aggie Dog," this giant expanse of meat is the brainchild of Aggie Hospitality executive chef David Picou. The Aggie Dog will make its debut Saturday at Kyle Field for A&M's home opener against Ball State.

The 12th Man Foundation got a sneak preview of the king-sized creation:

Don't worry about this dog needing a seat of its own in the stadium: The Aggie Dog will only be available to club and luxury seat holders.

The good news: iI's part of a larger effort to upgrade the eating options at Kyle Field.

Picou's other creation, a smoked brisket, will be available at eating stands throughout the stadium. And the Aggies have more than doubled the number of food and drink concessions stands throughout the stadium, making for a better -- and more filling -- gameday experience.

Here's an aerial view of the Aggie Dog, which shows the behemoth hulking over the rest of the buffet line:

Safe to say that any attempt to eat the Aggie Dog constitutes a health hazard. Consume the Aggie Dog at your own risk.

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