Eastern Michigan

For the first time, Eastern Michigan fans can buy a beer while watching the football game this weekend. If all goes well, alcohol will become a new staple of the Eagles football experience.

The school isn't opening the flood gates on alcohol sales -- it's trying a one-game pilot of beer sales when the team hosts Ball State on Saturday.

But the hope is that those sales will go well, providing a much-sought source of revenue for the university.

"Athletic programs across the country are looking for alternate revenue streams for their institutions, while enhancing the game-day experience for fans, and the sale of alcohol has been an increasing part of that dynamic," said EMU athletic director Heather Lyke, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The school plans to sell beer in a cordoned-off area on the stadium's patio, starting 90 minutes before the game. Fans will be limited to two beer purchases per transaction.

Eastern Michigan noted that its decision to allow alcohol is far from unusual.

In the past few years, 32 colleges and universities have decided to allow alcohol at football games, signaling a shift in cultural attitudes about drinking at games.

In EMU's Mid-Atlantic Conference, they would be the fourth school to allow alcohol sales full-time. The university will sell a local craft beer from Arbor Brewing Company, priced at seven dollars.

Barring any incidents, the school is hoping to change its policies and create a better -- and far more lucrative -- fan experience.

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