By Carlton Jared Lockett
The Daily Meal

Americans love football season for the sport of it, but also for that thing that turns a game into a social occasion: tailgating. Each football season, fans, alumni, and friends gather for kickoff to support one of their favorite college football teams -- relishing copious amounts of Buffalo wings, barbecue ribs, chargrilled briskets, and (if you're attending Louisiana State University's tailgate), Creole seafood gumbo along the way. Tailgates are about supporting your team, but also about kicking back, eating and drinking, and observing time-honored traditions.

For the third year in a row, The Daily Meal has tackled the task of identifying the very best colleges for tailgating in America. To determine this year’s list, we created a public poll, asking readers to tell us about their favorite college tailgate scenes, sharing details about campus tailgating spaces, time-honored traditions, and, of course, classic dishes!

As we evaluated our list of nominees this year, we noticed that there were a lot of Division I schools included, so to diversify, we added more Division II and Division III schools to our survey -- and some of them made the top 25.

Best Colleges For Tailgating

For the complete list of the 25 Best Colleges for Tailgating go to

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