David Lee played a surprising role in the Golden State Warriors' NBA Finals win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was his first championship and will surely be a highlight of the forward's career.

So, after Lee was traded to the Boston Celtics on July 27, he knew he had to thank the organization that helped him reach that pinnacle.

What better way to say thank you than in the form of a burrito?

This week, Lee sent multiple boxes of Chipotle burritos to the Warriors staff. Along with the delivery was a note that said "Thank you for all your dedication and hard work over past five seasons. It has been a tremendous honor to work for such a world-class organization."

It's the gift of all gifts. Warriors social media coordinator Julie Phayer brought us the image and informed the world that this wasn't the first burrito barrage.

Lee did the same thing during her first week at Golden State, Phayer said.

Questions remained, though: Did Lee make the ultimate sacrifice and buy everyone guac? Phayer said yes, in fact, Lee went above and beyond.

Hats off to David Lee -- not just for accepting a bench role to pave the way for Draymond Green's rise to stardom, but also for his charity when it comes to burritos. The Boston Celtics scored big by trading for him.

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