The food offered at Oracle Arena may not qualify as "fine dining," but the bill would make you think otherwise. Not only are tickets to the NBA Finals setting records for their prices, but concessions at Golden State's arena are drawing a lot of long stares from people who can't believe what they're seeing.

The photo below shows basic food items going for astronomic prices: A hot dog and a beer will run you $25.50, and no, fries are not included.

Chicken tenders and fries, meanwhile, cost a cool $28.

All of those combo menu items come with a "souvenir cup," which everyone now recognizes as a stand-in term for "garbage you can't throw away."

The a la carte menu is a bit more reasonable, with chicken tenders and fries available for just $9.75. That means the beer costs an extra $18.25, which begs the question: How valuable do they think those souvenir cups really are?

If you really want a souvenir cup, you could probably just check the trash cans after the game, or maybe wait a week and pick one up at a thrift store. But then again, if you're dropping thousands of dollars for a seat at an NBA Finals game, $18.25 probably doesn't even tip the scale of your concern.

All of this is to say, eat before you go. Maybe pack a flask, if you're desperate. Or, if you insist on buying a beer at the game, don't burden yourself with a cup you've got to drag home.

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Best, Worst NFL Stadium Beer Prices Revealed



Can Raiders fans catch a break? Their team hasn't made the playoffs since 2002. Almost every home game in the last three years has been blacked out on local TV due to poor game attendance. And those that do choose to attend the game pay a league-high $10.75 for a beer.



The 49ers know their fans have deep pockets. The team just moved into fancy new confines in nearby Santa Clara, and the average cost of a ticket into Levi's Stadium is the highest in the league. San Francisco is also a close second to neighboring Oakland when it comes to the price of a beer, at $10.25 per. But hey, at least they're winning games.



Things aren't so bad for New England fans. The price of a beer in Gillette Stadium is right at the league average, but Patriots fans get 20 ounces for just $7.50. When priced by ounce, Pats beers are tied for the second-cheapest game beers in the NFL.



You don't often see beer prices go down from season to season, but that's exactly what happened in St. Louis this year, dropping the price of beer to $4.50. The Rams have seen better football days, but a glass of beer is 50 cents cheaper in St. Louis than in any other NFL stadium. That's something to celebrate.



St. Louis may have the lowest sticker price for beer, sure. But if you want to get down to brass tacks, no one sells cheaper drafts than Cincinnati. One beer costs five dollars, but fans get 14 ounces in a glass instead of 12. That's just enough of a difference to lead the league in price-per-ounce.



Seattle claims to have the best football fans in the world, but that admiration doesn't translate into savings at the snack line. Beer at Seattle's CenturyLink Field is on the more expensive end in the NFL, with a single draft costing $8.



For being in a city known to throw a good party, beer sales at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome sure don't make it easy to imbibe. A beer at a Saints game will cost you $9, but fans only get 16 ounces in their cup. That's 56 cents per ounce, the third-worst mark in the NFL.



If volume is your main concern, plan a trip to Pittsburgh. In a city known for its blue-collar pedigree, fans are treated with 21-ounce fistfuls of beer, the largest standard beer of any NFL stadium. And at just $8 each, Heinz Field is tied with New England's Gillette Field for the second-best price-per-ounce.



It's not the $7.25 price tag that will frustrate fans at Arizona's University of Phoenix Stadium. It's the fact that beers only come in 12-ounce sizes. That's 60 cents per ounce, which stands alone as the second-highest mark in the NFL. Only one other fan base has more of a right to complain...



Congratulations, Philly fans. What you lack in Super Bowl victories, you make up for by laying claim to the most expensive beer in all the National Football League. Like Arizona, beers only come in 12-ounce sizes. But Philly fans pay $8.50 per, a full $1.25 more than what Cardinals fans are forced to shell out.

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