The food offered at Oracle Arena may not qualify as "fine dining," but the bill would make you think otherwise. Not only are tickets to the NBA Finals setting records for their prices, but concessions at Golden State's arena are drawing a lot of long stares from people who can't believe what they're seeing.

The photo below shows basic food items going for astronomic prices: A hot dog and a beer will run you $25.50, and no, fries are not included.

Chicken tenders and fries, meanwhile, cost a cool $28.

All of those combo menu items come with a "souvenir cup," which everyone now recognizes as a stand-in term for "garbage you can't throw away."

The a la carte menu is a bit more reasonable, with chicken tenders and fries available for just $9.75. That means the beer costs an extra $18.25, which begs the question: How valuable do they think those souvenir cups really are?

If you really want a souvenir cup, you could probably just check the trash cans after the game, or maybe wait a week and pick one up at a thrift store. But then again, if you're dropping thousands of dollars for a seat at an NBA Finals game, $18.25 probably doesn't even tip the scale of your concern.

All of this is to say, eat before you go. Maybe pack a flask, if you're desperate. Or, if you insist on buying a beer at the game, don't burden yourself with a cup you've got to drag home.

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