The Women's World Cup is underway in Canada, so we thought we would try to find one of the nation's most famous delicacies, poutine, here in the United States. Fortunately for us, we ran into Naomi Kyle, a big Canadiens fan who grew up in Quebec. Now transplanted to California where she hosts "The Daily Fix," a show about tech and gaming, Kyle has found one establishment in the Bay Area that serves the real deal.

Kyle was in Los Angeles to attend the annual Sports Spectacular functions. If it seems slightly incongruous to be discussing a dish as rich as poutine at an event that raises money in the fight against diabetes and obesity, just remember it's all about balance.

As it turns out, the Berkeley establishment that Kyle cited, Smokes, also has locations in Hollywood and Las Vegas. In the Los Angeles area, another option is Redondo Beach Cafe.

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