Stephen Curry's daughter has garnered nearly as much attention as her father's basketball team on their way to their NBA Finals appearance. After taking the podium Wednesday night after the Warriors' Game 5 win -- her second appearance in the Western Conference Finals -- Riley Curry is on her way to being a household name, at least with basketball fans.

Apparently the little girl has taken that mantle seriously. After dominating in primetime, she has now taken her brand to daytime television, appearing with her mother, Ayesha Curry, on her cooking show, "Cooking with the Currys."

The show is very popular in the Bay Area and routinely features cameos from Steph -- in fact, he makes a late appearance in the episode featuring Riley:

Riley stays true to her TV persona throughout the episode, exhibiting no shyness and embracing spontaneity as her mom proceeds with teaching viewers how to cook a breakfast dish. The dish, for what it's worth, looks pretty solid.

Meanwhile, Riley is getting some extended run on television, which seems mostly harmless but also presents certain risks, particularly in the area of criticism. Sure, a kid that young is oblivious to how people may feel now, but no parent wants to set their children up for ridicule.

At the same time, the Currys were well aware of the frustration some reporters had when Steph brought Riley to the podium earlier in the Western Conference Finals. They were comfortable enough to bring her out a second time -- possibly as a pointed response to those critics -- and there wasn't any backlash on the second go-around.

The odds seem pretty high that Riley's next TV stop is on Jimmy Kimmel Live. We can work this out at some point during the NBA Finals, right?

She promises to put on a show:

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