From his victory over Manny Pacquiao in the "Fight of the Century" Saturday, Floyd Mayweather could tally up to $200 million in earnings. According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, Burger King contributed $1 million of that to allow the restaurant's mascot to trot along with the Mayweather entourage en route to the ring.

The presence of the "Burger King" mascot even upstaged Justin Bieber who is no longer seen a novelty within Mayweather's ring-entrance crew.

Given Mayweather's history of domestic violence, some brands might be uncomfortable associating with him. Burger King didn't exactly answer why it wanted its mascot to be seen Mayweather in a one-sentence statement: "We don't call him the King for nothing."

Well, they don't call Mayweather 'Money' for nothing either.

Let's do some quick math. A Whopper is priced at $3.79. If we divide that into $1 million, that is 263,852.243. So Burger King paid Floyd Mayweather Jr. the monetary equivalent of 263,852 Whoppers and almost a quarter of a 263,853rd.

Oh, you want to know how many Whopper Meals you could get? Whopper Meals are $6.09. So if you want some drinks and fries too, that is 164,203.612 Whopper meals.

What about McDonald's? The chain had lots of advertising in the Philippines' on behalf of national hero Pacquaio.

Despite all the ads, it was Mayweather who had it his way with Pacquaio on Saturday.

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