Iowa State wrestler Kyven Gadson had just won an NCAA championship, but he wasn't satisfied.

Gadson had dessert on his mind when ESPN's Quint Kessenich grabbed him for a post-match interview.

Kessenich asked Gadson what it feels like to win a national championship, and Gadson delivered this great response:

The 197-pounder deserves whatever he wants after capping his turbulent career with a championship.

Gadson, a redshirt senior, saw his father and former coach pass away two years ago ago after a battle with cancer. Gadson's father, Willie, was himself a former star wrestler at Iowa State who finished third in the 177-pound division at the 1975 tournament.

"I think my dad would be proud of me," Kyven said when asked how his dad would feel about his son's accomplishment. "He would be real happy. You did it, Boo. That’s what he would say. You did it, Boo.”

It didn't take long for Kyven to get a hold of that frozen treat.

Gadson, it seems, has quite the sweet tooth.

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