Floyd Mayweather isn't overlooking any competitive edge he might be able to gain over Manny Pacquiao ahead of their historic matchup. That's why he's pulled out all the stops when it comes to personal nutrition.

According to a report from TMZ, Mayweather currently employs a personal chef that earns $1,000 per meal from the boxer. In exchange, the chef is available 24/7 for his dietary needs.

Chef Q, as she is known, also focuses on high-protein, low-carb foods that are made from scratch and give Mayweather the fuel he needs to excel in the ring.

Chef Q also avoids any preservatives or non-organic additives typically found in processed foods. She notes that while Mayweather has made bold strides in eating healthier, even cutting out trips to Fatburger.

"He's always been mindful of what he eats," she tells TMZ. "But there is something different about this fight."

If this story hasn't made you hungry yet, check out a recent meal, courtesy of Chef Q:

Here's what Mayweather enjoyed as his birthday dinner:

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