Bubba Watson only knows one way to win The Masters, and it starts with burritos.

Not just one or two. When it comes to The Masters, Watson measures his burritos not by meals, not by days, but by weeks.

As the two-time and defending Masters champion revealed to Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show," his first green jacket was earned under extreme circumstances that led to a surprising discovery.

"In 2012, we adopted Caleb the week before [the Masters]," Watson told Fallon. "My wife didn't go, so now I could eat whatever I wanted to eat. I had a burrito or two burritos every day, 10 days straight, while I was in Augusta."

The result? He won the biggest golf tournament of his life. And in 2014, he repeated on the back of yet another burrito binge.

This year, the defending champion is getting a head start:

Watson points out that the year between his championship, 2013, he abandoned his burrito diet -- and lost.

"So last year, 2014, my wife was there this time," Watson said. "I was like, 'I'm going back to the burritos.' So I had burritos for another 10 days straight, one or two a day. I won again, so I think we're going to do that again."

This offers some valuable insight behind Watson's post-Masters stunt last year, when he bought Chipotle for 900 people in a single sitting. The cost of that meal was estimated around $10,000.

The full interview from 'The Tonight Show' is here:

Most people don't have the constitution to withstand a two-week binge on burritos, Chipotle or otherwise, yet for Watson that meal is the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions. Augusta-area burrito shops, brace yourselves for Hurricane Bubba.

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