Who doesn't love stuffing their face during the Super Bowl? That's the easy part. The real challenge is filling up your feeding table with food that people can't stop eating. All Super Bowl hosts want to put their best foot forward when it comes to football's biggest day of the year. And even if you're merely bringing a plate to someone else's party, it's much better to make a quality item rather than shamelessly slipping a store-bought veggie tray into the mix.

But cooking can be hard. That's why Zagat produced the three following videos to help any amateur chef whip up restaurant-quality wings, nachos and chicken meatballs.

If you've tried to make Buffalo wings before, the odds are you're making things too complicated. Let some local experts show you the way.

If you've been foiled by cheese sauce in the past, worry no more. Zagat shows you how to meat a great sauce, along with the best toppings to include:

Meatballs, on the other hand, can be a bit of an inexact science. Zagat's tip: Cook a test meatball first, then adjust your mix accordingly.

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