Rex Ryan has moved on from the New York Jets, and he couldn't be happier. After all, he was quickly snatched up by a Buffalo Bills franchise that offers a much better situation than the Jets, except that it has no viable options at quarterback.

Oh, wasn't that -- well darn, yep. Same problem as in New York.

Nevertheless, Ryan's situation in Buffalo does appear much rosier. He has a clean slate, the color blue is complimentary to his skin tone, and the job comes with perks such as massive greetings pizzas:

It's hard to tell whether Ryan, who went from 348 pounds to 218 pounds after lap-band surgery in 2010, is smiling out of happiness, or whether he's choking down laughter at the suggestion that he eat whatever those words are made out of.

If he's smiling about the former, let us remind you that Ryan reportedly ranked the Bills as his third option as a candidate for head coaching jobs this offseason. But after the San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons dragged their heels on making him an offer, Ryan shook hands on the Bills deal.

That's all in the rearview mirror now, though. Buffalo, you got your man. Just one question: You do realize you can't just buy whatever you want with pizza, right?

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