Please check your turduckens at the door. There's only room for one multi-animal meat bonanza, and in Levi's Stadium, that freak show is known as the "Roast Beast."

The creation of Chef Dave Varley is the sort of excessive meat spree that was once restricted to buffalo hunts on the Oregon Trail computer game. Within the mass of the Roast Beast -- also referred to as LambPigCow -- are 24 quail, 12 chickens, eight ducks, six turkeys, two lambs, one whole pig, and one beef saddle.

And a partridge in a pear tree.

Varley used Instagram to bring fans along for the creation process on Thanksgiving when the 49ers hosted the Seahawks.

The roast beast is on. Now we pray.

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Time to unleash the beast!

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Before you drool down your shirt, be aware that there are some obstacles to feasting on the beast. For one, it was available only to 49ers season-ticket holders. And those season-ticket holders needed to pay the extra $5,000 fee to attend the team's season-long all-you-can-eat buffet and tailgate parties.

But if you're really rich and have no idea what to do with your money, this would've been a great option to consider.

It's not clear if the beast will be back, although the 49ers have two home games that bookend Christmas. That would be a good thematic fit since the original Roast Beast was carved by the Grinch.

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