As if World Series tickets weren't expensive enough, one Kansas City fan appears to have spent a few hundred extra dollars on hot dogs for people in his section during Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday.

And this guy didn't just deliver the hot dogs to his fellow fans. In true baseball fashion he chucked the dogs around the section as if he were an outfielder gunning down a runner tagging up from third base.

A Royals fan named Zach Brady tweeted that he was sitting in the same section as the now-famous hot dog purchaser:

From another tweet, it appears as though this fan was in section 431 at Kauffman Stadium:

This man's actions were documented in a few videos that have since been uploaded to YouTube:

Some Snapchats of the man tossing hot dogs made it onto Snapchat's Story from Game 1, meaning people around the country got to witness this guy's generosity:

At least these fans had something to cheer about on Tuesday. Their Royals, who had not lost a game in these playoffs, fell to the San Francisco Giants, 7-1.

Royals Party Like It's 1985

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