Delights By Dawn is an Atlanta cupcake shop that offers alcohol-infused varieties such as the Red Velvet Chocotini, White Almond Amaretto and Key Lime Margarita.

Starting this season, these adults-only selections will be available at the shop's two Georgia Dome kiosks during Atlanta Falcons games.

Insert your own punchline about why Falcons fans might need a pop or two.

Owner Dawn Belisle founded the shop in 1998. She is also a lawyer, who opened her own firm in 2010. According to her LinkedIn profile, Belisle has more than 15 years of experience prosecuting cases ranging "from misdemeanor traffic and DUI cases to major felonies."

On Facebook, she wrote about how making these flavors available to Falcons fans is a dream come true:

I thought how great would it be if I could sell my Toxycakes in the dome during football season. But that didn't happen. The cupcakes took on a life of its own and I have done so much with the business since I added them. The orders have been great, I have done events and people have LOVED them! All this in a short year. And now it's football season again and it reminds me of why I initially added them and my wanting to have them in the Dome. All the hard work, late nights, networking, developing, baking, splitting my time between law and baking and all for WHAT?.....Delights by Dawn will have two kiosks in the Georgia Dome this falcons football season selling her Toxycakes to thousands of football fans! Dreams do come true if you believe in your dream!

No word on the cost for one of these cupcakes at the stadium, but pricing on its website ranges from $37.50 to $39.99 for a dozen, depending on the flavor.

White Almond Amaretto

Key Lime Margarita