The line-ups are set for Major League Baseball's All-Star Game on July 15. Headlining the star-studded orders are not only MLB players but also Minnesota's ballpark food.

Target Field chefs and Delaware North SportsService created an All-Star menu for the Midsummer Classic. It features four delicious specialty concessions that will be served at Target Field for the 2014 All-Star festivities.

Leading off is the Lobster Corn Dog:

Even lobster can be made into ballpark food. Battered and deep-fried, the Lobster Corn Dog will melt off the stick for a surefire base hit.

Batting second is the Double Play:

It’s not a baseball game without a hot dog. Or two. The Double Play features a Polish sausage and bratwurst side-by-side on the same bun. Topped with cheese sauce, fans can now kill to dogs with one bun.

In the three hole is the Brat Dog:

Not satisfied with two separate sausages, try a foot-long hot dog wrapped in bratwurst. Wait! There's more. The bratwurst is wrapped in bacon, served on a pretzel bun, and topped off with peppers.

With the bases loaded, the Hangover Burger is batting cleanup:

Two quarter-pound patties made of a mix of ground beef and ground bacon are topped with American cheese, lettuce, onion, and a sunnyside-up egg. The burger is finished off with a sauce made of mayo, ketchup, Sriracha, and cornichons. Served on a bun with the Twins' logo, this burger a grand slam.

Derek Jeter's final All-Star appearance and Clayton Kershaw’s likely start for the National League will draw fans to the All-Star Game, but Target Field’s bacon-wrapped and deep-fried delicacies may very well get the fans to stay.

If that's not enough, perhaps curiosity about the self-serve beer machine will do the trick.