On July 11, LeBron James made a really big decision. He chose to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers instead of re-signing with the Miami Heat. This was a big deal.

Although James was not believed to be in the Akron, Ohio area, thousands of Cavaliers fans flooded the streets outside his home as rumor of his return to Northeast Ohio spread. Police were present in the community and the commotion was dispersed.

According to a Reddit post, James felt guilt for the circus on his block. To make up for the disturbance, James gave his neighbors cupcakes.

James provided the cupcakes courtesy of the LeBron James Family Foundation. In very LeBron fashion, the two flavors were "Just a Kid From Akron Cherry Cola" and "Homecourt Chocolate Chunk." Also, the cupcakes came with an infographic on a card.

WEWS in Cleveland has some reaction from the locals:

A neighbor named Will Smith also provided a firsthand account in an email to Fox Sports Ohio:

"The exchange was pretty simple. Two women from Baker Blvd Decadent Desserts rang our front door bell, gave us the cupcakes and said 'These cupcakes are from Lebron James. He sent them to everyone in the neighborhood because of the commotion surrounding his coming back.' We had no face to face interaction with Lebron, but nonetheless, it was an extremely kind gesture."

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