When the Cleveland Browns selected Johnny Manziel with the 22nd pick in the 2014 NFL draft, it energized a fan base that still cringes at the mention of the name John Elway. The latest example of the frenzy around the 21-year-old rookie quarterback is a culinary claim to fame: Having a waffle named in his honor.

The Johnny Cleveland Waffle was created by Joshua and Justin Miletti, owners of Wally Waffle in Akron, Ohio.

"I was talking to my brother, and I told him we should make a Johnny Waffle," Joshua told ThePostGame. "He was drafted on Thursday, and we had it on the menu the next week."

Miletti described the idea process as "spitballing" between him and his brother until they settled on the ingredients for the waffle in Manziel's honor.

The Johnny Cleveland Waffle is a Belgian waffle chocolate chips, chocolate drizzle and whipped cream. The most unique ingredient on the waffle is the buttercream frosting that is infused with champagne. Miletti said the idea came from Manziel's controversial photo where he is drinking from a champagne bottle.

So far, the Johnny Cleveland Waffle has only accounted for a small portion of the sales, according to Miletti. But much like the player himself, the product has plenty of upside.

Manziel is in good company. According to Wally's menu, the only other item named for a person is the Elvis Waffle, which comes with bacon and peanut butter chips plus honey and sliced banana on top.

It probably shouldn't be too long before a local brewery crafts a specialty named for Manziel. Remember how Bonfire Brewing in Colorado came up with the Tebrew when Tim Tebow was pulling off miracles as starting quarterback for the Broncos?

(H/T to Thunder Treats)