In what may be a first for a major league club, the Seattle Mariners held a special night devoted entirely to a condiment.

This isn't just any topping, of course. The Mariners held their tribute to one of the more polarizing hot sauces around -- Sriracha.

While a legal battle rages in Southern California regarding the production of the sauce, in Seattle they celebrated the spicy concoction. The team's "Salute to Sriracha Night" included Sriracha t-shirts and tons of Sriracha-themed foods: Sriracha cream-cheese hot dog, Sriracha garlic fries and even Sriracha milkshake.

Take a look:

The Sriracha milkshake looks (and sounds) disgusting, but pitcher Tai Walker sampled it before the game and gave it a positive review.

Walker even included the sauce on his pregame meal: