Of all the gifts that President Barack Obama has received from foreign countries -- and that's probably enough to fill a warehouse -- one that he'll get in Belgium this week may be the most unique.

During President Obama's visit to the country, he'll be presented with a giant cookie version of himself wearing a USA sweatshirt and holding a basketball.

Check it out:

The cookie is 5-feet-4 inches tall and was designed by a 64-year-old baker named Willy Van Oers.

"The hardest part will be the face," Van Oers said, according to reports. "I will have to work on it centimeter per centimeter to work out all the details."

Apparently President Obama's reputation as a hoops fan transcends borders, and that's why Van Oers decided to have his cookie version of Obama holding a ball and wearing a "basketball outfit."

While President Obama may get a good laugh out of this gift, he probably won't think twice about it. After all, he's got bigger issues on his mind during this trip.