The fact that New York City's Campeón doubles as a bar and a Mexican restaurant isn't the only thing that makes it unique.

The Union Square watering hole, which opened this week, is designed specifically to appeal toward women. Heather Holland profiled the new bar in DNAinfo New York:

"Upon walking in, guests are met with a row of plush leather couches, chandeliers and mirrors shaped like suns. The bright pink walls are decorated with blue- and pink-patterned tiles, contrasting with dozens of TVs that on a recent afternoon were showing men's basketball games and the Olympics."

Here's a peek inside the restaurant:

Owner Ken Sturm discussed with Holland some of what makes Campeón unique.

“It’s highly stylized and geared towards women in that it’s not a typical Hooters-style bar that [is] overly masculine with the Guinness mirrors,” he said. “We did a softer design. We wanted to make it very inviting for women so that they don’t feel like they’re sitting in a men’s kind of club.”

If that's not enough to get people to Campeón, Chef Juan Reyes' mouthwatering nachos should do the trick:

(H/T to Jezebel)