Peyton Manning's affinity for the city of Omaha -- or at least his repeated use of an audible bearing the city's name -- may earn him a lucrative offer from Omaha Steaks.

Todd Simon, a senior vice president at Omaha Steaks, told ESPN's Darren Rovell that the company would consider offering Manning a deal to drop the brand's name in an audible at the Super Bowl should the Broncos top the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game this weekend.

If Omaha Steaks were to get Manning to agree to a deal, it could pay for itself in ad dollars.

Rovell reports that the NFL doesn't have a rule in place that would forbid the deal.

"Omaha Steaks is always looking for awesome promotional opportunities that get our brand in front of customers and potential customers," Simon told Rovell. "So if the economics were right, Omaha Steaks would consider a deal with Mr. Manning, especially given his apparent affinity for Omaha."

Manning used the word Omaha on 44 of his 70 snaps against the Chargers. It's unclear exactly what the term signifies, but it's been used before by Tom Brady as a cue to teammates that the ball was going to be snapped on "set-hut." So has Eli Manning.

As Deadspin points out, it seems like that's what the Chargers assumed it meant (Manning was able to draw several offsides flags by using the call).

Manning's marketing manager would not comment on whether Manning would accept an offer from Omaha Steaks. A marketer for Russell Wilson told Rovell he wouldn't even bring such a deal to his client, citing the integrity of the game.