Alabama fans, are you looking for a way to spruce up your big holiday party while also giving back to charity? We've got just the idea.

A Jell-O mold of Nick Saban's face will be auctioned off at the Tuscaloosa Get Up festival, with all the proceeds going to charity.

The lovely creation was sculpted by SBNation blogger and self-proclaimed "culinary sadist" Spilly, who labeled it "likely the best, and dumbest, thing I'll ever do" when he made it back in September.

Spilly fashioned the mold by using a 3D model of Saban's face, which he created by acquiring a picture of Saban's statue in front of Bryant-Denny Stadium and loading it onto the computer.

The mold was sent to Tuscaloosa and will be sold in a silent auction.

Just in case you were wondering whether the mold is (or was) edible, you should know it contains Cheez-Itz, caramel candies, mayonnaise, dried beans, and anchovies.

For more on the creation process of this sports science project, see here.

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