Of all the bacon-infused products we've seen in recent years, which include bacon tacos and bacon-wrapped corn dogs, a new item might be the most ridiculous. And delicious.

Levy Restaurants' executive chef Joel Pena has created a bacon-infused beer milkshake for the Texas Motor Speedway. Behold, the Shake'n Bacon Brew.

The 16-ounce milkshake consists of six ounces of Rahr & Sons Ugly Pug Black Lager, six ounces of Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream, two ounces of bacon-infused maple syrup and two ounces of candied bacon. And, of course, it's topped with a bacon garnish.

For the under-21 crowd, or those who simply prefer their bacon milkshakes without beer, there is a non-alcoholic option that includes root beer.

The novelty will go for $10 and will make its debut during the weekend of the NASCAR AAA Texas 500 from Oct. 31-Nov. 3.

As if the copious amounts of fat and calories in this milkshake weren't enough to deter you, some new research regarding the dark side of bacon may make you think twice before ordering one of these concoctions.