Whether you root for The Cubbies or The O's, we can all agree on one thing: Stadium beer prices are redonk. The folks over at Team Marketing Report decided to break down the maddening prices of ale in baseball temples across the country, and it turns out that no one has it worse than Red Sox Nation.

While those lucky L.A. bastards can sip suds at Angel Stadium for $0.28 an ounce, Boston fans have to cough up $0.60 per ounce for the same drank. And though Fenway Park is the most expensive, it's trailed by some heavy hitters. Rounding out the rest of the top five bank-breaking arenas are Busch Stadium ($0.56 an ounce), Rogers Centre ($0.52 an ounce), Nationals Park ($0.52 an ounce), and Yankee Stadium ($0.50 an ounce).

With prices like these, tailgating is looking better than ever.

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