Thanks to Starburst, Chris Thompson doesn't have to worry about forgetting to pick up some candy for his one-of-a-kind halftime ritual.

The Washington Redskins' rookie running back recently admitted that ever since high school, he's had a tradition of eating one Starburst before his games and putting one in his sock. At halftime he takes the candy out of his sock and chows down.

Don't worry, it's not as gross as it sounds.

"It tastes the same," Thompson says of his halftime snack. "Actually, it doesn’t get too wet, either, because I have it right by my ankle tape under my sock, so it’s not on my leg gettin’ all wet and nasty.”

When Starburst caught wind of Thompson's halftime ritual, the company made sure to reward him with a large supply of the candy. And, of course, some more socks.

The letter from Starburst reads as follows:

“We were so excited to hear about your gameday ritual with Starburst. It never crossed our minds to keep candy in our socks, but we just might have to reconsider...

We wanted to send you a stash of Starburst to keep your ritual going throughout your rookie season, as well as customized Starburst socks to help keep gamedays extra juicy! We know you’re a big fan of the red and yellow Starburst, but we included the whole pack so you could share your favorite candies with your new teammates.”

Thompson isn't the first Redskins player to be rewarded for his culinary taste. Last year Capri Sun sent tight end Niles Paul a box of drinks along with a customized straw after he revealed that his teammates had been stealing his juice boxes.