Life ain't easy for NFL rookies.

In addition to adapting to the pros and going up against seasoned veterans, these guys have it tough in training camp. Some have to carry helmets, others have to submit themselves to cruel and unusual haircuts and some even have to pick up (and pay for) Chick-fil-A.

Baltimore Ravens fullback Kyle Juszczyk tweeted a photo this week of a bill for nearly $100 at Chick-fil-A. It includes six orders of 12-piece grilled chicken nuggets, 12 orders of 12-piece chicken nuggets, two orders of four-piece chicken strips and four large fries.

The total came out to $99.94, and as Ryan Mink of speculates, this order is probably only for the seven running backs and fullbacks.

At least the Ravens' hazing had a delicious ending for Juszczyk. Other rookies have not been so lucky.