With his NFL career behind him, Albert Haynesworth is investing in a new love: Burgers.

The former NFL player is opening a burger chain, BurgerFi, to Knoxville, where Haynesworth played during his college career.

"I'm a big guy so I eat a lot and I'm not going to just jump on some place because I know somebody," Haynesworth told the Knoxville News Sentinel. "But the food is unbelievable. It's the best burger I think I've ever had."

BurgerFi has locations in several states including Florida, Georgia, Texas and North Carolina. Haynesworth, according to the report, hopes his restaurant in Knoxville will be the first of many BurgerFi franchises he can bring to the state of Tennessee.

Haynesworth's career ended in 2012, after a few years bouncing around from D.C. to New England to Tampa Bay. A neighbor introduced Haynesworth to BurgerFi's founder.

According to the News Sentinel report, Haynesworth will face some challenges from another burger entrepreneur looking to open up shop in the same neighborhood. Gyrene Burger is backed by Domino's Pizza founder Thomas Monaghan

BurgerFi, which is based in Florida, features what's supposed to be a healthier burger with more environmentally friendly materials.

Hopefully for Haynesworth, his investment won't leave him hungry.