A huge problem for baseball fans, especially those who go to the ballpark in large part for the beer, is that once you get your frosty beverage back to your seat it is no longer cold. And then you have a large, warm, semi-flat beer and you're spending most of the time just trying to get it down quickly, because you obviously spent a lot more than what a normal beer costs.

Luckily, Dodger Stadium has installed maybe one of the most brilliant inventions of all time: A machine that makes frozen beer foam. It's like having a mini-cooler on top of your beer.

But does it work? Foodbeast -- which has a full review and produced the video below -- investigated:

We put the frozen foam to the test and it did in fact keep our beers pretty cold for a few innings and the full thirty minutes. We didn’t test the foam under multiple scenarios, but it seemed to work pretty well in the late afternoon/early evening on a sunny, yet humid, 80+ degree day in Los Angeles. Our 16 oz. beers retailed at the inflated you’re-stuck-at-a-sports-game price of $10, but may vary at other locations.

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A company called Kirin launched the product in 2012, according to Beer Street Journal and is available in restaurants across Asia. The special tap works to freeze the foam of the beer at 23 degrees.

Its initial target audience, according to a Reuters interview with Kirin's marketing brand manager for the campaign, was people who couldn't finish their drinks before it got warm.

"We thought people won't spend more than five minutes on a pint of beer but apparently not," said Kunihiko Kadota. "Women and young drinkers spend much more time to drink it all up, and they like the idea the beer doesn't get warm towards the end."

The Dodgers, under their new ownership group, spent $100 million on upgrading the stadium during the offseason. Old scoreboards were replaced with giant HD screens. WiFi and stronger cell phone signals were added. More fixtures were put in the bathrooms. All were crucial aspects in the effort to improve the fan experience, as the owners had pledged they would do. But you can make a case that the frozen beer foam could be the most popular.

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