Having a background in cooking isn't a prerequisite for offensive line coaches, but it certainly doesn't hurt. After all, these 300-pound behemoths are nearly as good at eating as they are at protecting the quarterback.

And few offensive lineman have it better than those at Vanderbilt. That's because these guys get to eat food prepared by Herb Hand, who may just be on his way to cooking show stardom.

You see, Hand is not only the offensive line coach at Vanderbilt, he's also an excellent chef. Hand is so good, in fact, that he seems to be a finalist to appear on the popular Food Network show "Chopped." On the program, four chefs compete against each other for a grand prize of $10,000.

"Cooking is one of my true passions," Hand told Bleacher Report. "I love making good food for people. Whether it's my family, friends or players, I truly enjoy serving a great meal. I look forward to the opportunity to compete."

Hand hasn't been officially selected for the show yet, but he seems to be pretty confident that he'll make it. And when he does, he's already got his victory celebration planned out.