We've seen a fair share of interesting boats in San Francisco's McCovey Cove -- a DeLorean hovercraft and a "Splash Craft" being the most bizarre -- and after this weekend's series between the Giants and the Dodgers we can add another vessel to the list.

Thanks to ESPN, the hot dog kayak made its maiden voyage Sunday night during the series finale between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Manned by London Van Der Kamp, a professional kayaker who works at REI, the purpose of the boat was to serve free hot dogs to other kayakers in the Cove.

Van Der Kamp's kayak was equipped with a warming compartment as well as condiments. And just in case he ran out of hot dogs, ESPN provided another boat with extra supplies.

"I'm just really excited that we could make it happen," Van Der Kamp said. "It's nice to be out giving out some hot dogs to the hard-core Giant lovers out there. They deserve it."