From his upcoming cameo in the Grown Ups sequel to his skills as a broadcaster displayed during the TNT NBA halftime show, Shaq is one of those players who never managed to settle quietly into retirement. Now to add to his list, he's launching his own soda line.

Shaq signed a deal with Arizona Iced Tea to put his own cans in stores beginning in June. On Tuesday, he tweeted out a picture of the cans -- which we can say, we'll be thrilled to see everywhere.

Perhaps in keeping with Shaq's personality, the soda flavors are not exactly the standard selections with Blueberry Cream, Strawberry Cream, Orange Cream and Vanilla Cream. Shaq will receive "a small percentage of wholesale sales," according to Fortune magazine. It also reported that Arizona's initial release will be 50 million cans of Shaq Soda.