You probably won't see Syracuse junior walk-on Russ DeRemer on the court Thursday night against Indiana, but if coach Jim Boeheim needs him, he'll probably be more than ready to play.

That's because on Wednesday, DeRemer downed enough potassium to last him for the next week.

DeRemer, who has played a total of 13 minutes this year, could have a career as a competitive eater. He once downed a 6-pound frittata in 25 minutes.

Egged on by his teammates and the Washington Post's Sarah Kogod, DeRemer sought to find out how many bananas he could take down in 60 seconds.

To say the least, the results are impressive:

So DeRemer put down four and looks like he could have gone for a fifth. That's not bad at all, seeing as the world record is seven.

(H/T to D.C. Sports Bog)