Move over, Cool Ranch Doritos Loco taco, the next best thing in the taco world has arrived.

The West Michigan Whitecaps have announced that this summer, they'll be serving the "Baco," a newly created taco with a shell made out of bacon.

That's right, a bacon-shelled taco.

Every year the Whitecaps sponsor a contest to determine which tasty treat they'll add to their menu, and this year the Baco got the most votes. According to the Associated Press, the Baco edged out the "Bad Joke," which is a corn dog covered in cheese with two strips of duck bacon on the bun.

Other finalists included "The Da Vinci Cone," a giant meatball in a garlic cone topped with marinara, and deep-fried Peeps on a stick.

Amazingly, the Whitecaps will not be the first to serve a bacon-shelled taco. A Philadelphia fast food restaurant called PYT recently introduced a similar dish.