You couldn't blame Will Smith if he had decided not to watch this year's Super Bowl.

The New Orleans Saints defensive end hasn't exactly been on the best terms with the NFL this year. Plus, after winning the Super Bowl in 2010, Smith has avoided the big game for the past two years. He says he couldn't bring himself to watch it after his Saints suffered a pair of heartbreaking playoff losses.

"The last two years, our team had a chance to be in the game, and it hurt to watch other teams," Smith told ThePostGame. "I was out of the country, I wasn't even in the United States. But the game was still, no matter where I was. I just chose not to watch it."

But Smith knows how much this year's matchup means to his adopted city. After all, he's been a stalwart in the Big Easy since he was drafted by the Saints in 2004. He's seen the highs and lows, and he, like the city, has emerged a better person.

So you bet Smith will be watching the big game this year. He just doesn't know where.

Smith says he's got lots of family and friends coming in for the game, and they'll probably be at his house. Smith's wife, Racquel, will probably cook gumbo and Smith may even throw a few steaks on the grill. That's in addition to the customary chips and dip, of course.

While Smith says he won't nail down his exact plans until later in the week, he already has his priorities in order.

"Whether we do it at the house or we do it somewhere else," Smith says. "We’re definitely going to be together as a family."