Few people have more to lose from the closing of snack food staple Hostess than Baltimore Orioles prospect and former LSU pitcher Kevin Gausman.

The Orioles' first-round pick in the June's draft has become renowned for his strange and delicious tradition of eating four Hostess mini powdered donuts before innings when he takes the mound.

Upon hearing on Friday that Hostess was shutting down its operation, Gausman went into desperation mode on Twitter.

The superstition may sound weird, but it's hard to argue with Gausman's numbers. The 21-year-old pitched 123.2 innings at LSU last year, going 12-2 with a 2.77 ERA and 135 strikeouts. After getting selected fourth overall in the 2012 MLB draft, Gausman notched 13 strikeouts and a 3.60 ERA in 15 innings of High-A and Low-A ball.

While Gausman was surely devastated by the news, it looks as though he'll live to eat another powdered donut.

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