If you've ever thought to yourself, "You know what would bring my party/social gathering to the next level? A 7-foot long, 26-pound gummy snake!", you're in luck.

The unique gift retailer Vat19 recently introduced this enormously edible "Party Python." It costs $150 and comes in two flavors: "blue raspberry and green apple" and "red cherry and blue raspberry."

Here's how Vat19 describes the candy monstrosity:

Boasting incredible details including intricate eyes, extensive and blended coloring, ridged coils, and thousands of individually carved scales, the Party Python will steal the show at any party.

And did we mention is has more than 36,000 calories? Yum.

Unfortunately and amazingly, it looks as though both flavors of the python are currently sold out. But you can order another python starting Wednesday.

It's never too late to introduce a gummy python to your Thanksgiving dinner.

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