It's been a bumpy road for Enes Kanter. In 2010 the Turkish big man signed on to play at Kentucky, but he was ruled ineligible after it was discovered that he received benefits from his European club. After being drafted third overall by the Utah Jazz, Kanter managed just 13 minutes per game in his lockout-shortened rookie season.

But now Kanter is healthier than ever and ready to demonstrate why he has always been so highly touted. And his work ethic is already showing. Kanter, who earned the nickname "Big Turkey" because of his weight, showed up to the Jazz's training camp at a trim 242 pounds. That's a 30-pound drop from where he was during the 2012 NBA season, and a 51-pound swing from his weight two months ago.

How did he do it? Anyone who follows him on Twitter knows he's been putting in serious work at the gym, but he told the Salt Lake Tribune that's he also drastically changed his diet. Here's what he was eating before:

"First my breakfast: I was eating like six eggs, omelet with six eggs; seven or eight pancakes, with sugar, whipped cream, everything; then a breakfast burrito. That was just my breakfast. Then I came to practice and my lunch was just like pasta, chicken alfredo or whatever, and then a burger and an appetizer. Dessert? No. Dessert was at dinnertime. Dinnertime I ate another burger, a big meal again and a dessert."

Now he says he's eating primarily salads and seafood. And apparently one or both of those items is on the menu at the Cheesecake Factory.

(H/T to Deadspin)

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