As one of the official sponsors of the Olympics, McDonald's did its fare share of advertising in London. And in the wake of the Games, the company has gotten some unexpected but welcome marketing from the world's top athletes.

On Monday, much to the chagrin of First Lady Michelle Obama, gymnast Gabby Douglas admitted that after winning a gold medal in London she splurged on an Egg McMuffin at McDonald's.

Douglas was far from the only athlete to munch on a snack from the Golden Arches during her time in London. The McDonald's in the Olympic Village was a favorite of the USA men's basketball team, shown here dining with gold medalist Serena Williams.

Usain Bolt is also a prolific customer at McDonald's, and his love for the restaurant even earned him a unique sponsorship offer centered around McNuggets.

Perhaps the best indication of McDonald's popularity came after the closing ceremonies Sunday. The McDonald's in the Olympic Village offered free food to the Olympians. And in the words of U.S. cyclist Bobby Lea, it was a "mob scene."

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