It was once said that Michael Phelps devoured 12,000 calories every day. It seemed ridiculous, but he did burn a lot of energy, so maybe he needed to eat 10 times what the average person consumes.

In a tribute to the Baltimore Bullet, one competitive eater attempted to mimic Phelps' average diet. But this man, known as Furious Pete, one-upped Phelps. He ate 12,000 calories in one sitting.

The meal included some Phelps classics (a five-egg omelete, three chocolate chip pancakes, a bowl of oatmeal) as well as some new additions (five energy drinks, an extra large pepperoni pizza).

Ironically, this video will most likely kill your appetite.

Now is probably not a good time to tell Furious Pete that those stories about Phelps eating 12,000 calories are not true.

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