Every child who was once punished for spitting out peas at the dinner table will be glad to know this "rude" behavior might actually win them a world championship.

In Pea Shooting, that is.

Last weekend the 42nd World Pea Shooting Championships were held in Cambridgeshire, England. More than 150 entrants took part, with Rob Bresler taking home the trophy after pulling out a nail-biting, sudden death pea-off with former champion Jim Collins.

"You have to be a true athlete," Bresler said of the sport. "It's like darts. You have to have a very good eye, determination and practice. You have to be here at least 10 minutes before to have a good go at the boards."

Check out all the action:

The event was started some four decades ago by a local headmaster as a way of harnessing students' love of pea shooting while also raising funds for the town. This year the tournament raised £1,900 (roughly $3,000) for the town hall.

A vegetable-shooting contest that actually benefits a town sounds like a great idea. And it might even have more kids saying, "pass the peas, please."

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