So much happens online that unless you spend your whole day surfing the web, most of it falls through the cracks. That's especially true for Twitter, where you'd need to follow every athlete and stare at your feed constantly not to miss anything. That's where Social Media Menu comes in with all the best tweets that bridge food and sports. Think of this as one epic RT. We lead off this week with dispatches from Mark Sanchez's 'Jets West' camp:

-- Santonio Holmes live tweeted his dinner at Katsuya in Laguna Beach with Mark Sanchez
@Santonio10: "Chilln wit the Kid @mark_sanchez"

@Santonio10: "Still haven't reached the 4th course of this menu and I'm getting stuffed"

@Santonio10: "Marinated cod"

-- Jeremy Shockey goes fishing for his dinner
@JeremyShockey: "Be eating this soon"

-- Giants DE Osi Umenyiora shows off his lunch
@OsiUmenyiora: "Great nigerian meal. Jollof rice, chicken and sweet plantains"

-- Giants rookie WR Rueben Randle has a craving for some nachos
@RuebenRandle: "Had to grab one. #izzos"

-- Magic guard J.J. Redick is having a tough time with his new regimen
@JJRedick: "Day 5 of 10 day cleanse. Almost half way though. Starting to take its toll. I'm grouchy and want a buttered croissant and cup of coffee."

-- Former Rutgers DT Eric LeGrand has teamed up with the famed fast food sandwich chain
@EricLeGrand52: "Proud to be a part of the subway team, Subway believes in me and I believe in Subway. Thank you for all of the support"

-- 49ers TE Vernon Davis likes clean burning fuel after the gym
@VernonDavis85: "Post workout meal included 20grams of fresh broccoli, brown rice and 2 big glasses of water! #healthyeating"

-- Steelers WR Antonio Brown had one thing on his mind on his birthday
@AntonioBrown84: "Cake cake cake !"

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