To those engineers who desperately want to shatter the "nerd" stereotype, your time has come.

Thank the kids from the Kohler High School Engineering Club in Kohler, Wis.

Project Grill, an organization in Sheboygan County, partners high school students with community manufacturers to make a grill from scratch. The Kohler Villager reports the Kohler students put some serious creativity into their project as they built a replica of Miller Park.

Complete with Miller Park's convertible style, glass-panel retractable roof (also used as the lid), the barbecue's perimeter resembles the nearby Milwaukee Brewers' home stadium.

With the grill on the inside, the inner details of the stadium were left out. These kids deserve a ride down the slide anyway. They are going to be quite a site at Miller Park tailgates this summer.

The Kohler students, led by instructor Dave DeBruin, were paired with partners from the Vollrath Company.

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