So much happens online that unless you spend your whole day surfing the web, most of it falls through the cracks. That's especially true for Twitter, where you'd need to follow every athlete and stare at your feed constantly not to miss anything. So we're trying out something new here on Chompions. Social Media Menu will give you all of the best tweets that bridge food and sports, and that aren't right or long enough for stories of their own.

-- Giants safety Tyler Sash gets an Air Jordan-shaped birthday cake.
@TSash: "Jordan 11 Shoe Cake in Giants Colors for my birthday. Ordered by my girl. Made by the Cake Boss!"

-- Texans running back Arian Foster considers a change to his diet.
@ArianFoster: "I think I was a vegan in one of my past lives. It's calling for me in this one."

-- Mickey Mantle's restaurant closes in NYC and longtime sportswriter Terence Moore sums it up.
@TMooreSports: "Just saw Mickey Mantle's restaurant closed yesterday in Manhattan after 25 years. How did it last that long? Food was lousy."

-- The MLB Fan Cave brought in a ringer to cook up some amazing food.
@MLBonFox: ".@AramarkSports Chef Erin Wishon flew in from KC to whip up some authentic KC BBQ in the Fan Cave! #ASG #MLB"

-- personalities Adam Rank and Dave Damashek got into a battle over edible semantics.
@Dameshek: "Grow up, @AdamRank – tacos are most certainly NOT sandwiches. Right, everybody? Vote here: #nfl"

-- Giants rookie wide receiver Rueben Randle had a craving for an impressive looking ice cream sundae.
@RuebenRandle: "Need one of these right about now"

-- Bills linebacker Shawne Merriman confessed to a snack habit that harkens back to childhood.
@ShawneMerriman: "Cereal everyday after practice #Canthelpit"

-- Chef Ludo Lefebvre and his wife took in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals in Los Angeles.
@ChefLudo: "2 hours to go!!!!!!!"

-- Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Garrett Weber-Gale cooks up a feast.
@G_WeberGale: "Got some pots on the stove tonight baby!!"

-- Browns wide receiver Greg Little wanted to fall off the wagon after a run in with the TSA.
@Str8UpGlittle: "Need a cupcake to soothe my angry smh"

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