Frenchy decided to go Italian.

On Wednesday, Jeff Francoeur had 20 pizzas delivered to fans sitting in right field section 149. A wonderful gesture made even bigger by the fact that the Royals were on the road and those pies were for Oakland A's fans at the Coliseum.

To fully understand the peace offering, you have to go back to last year. A group of A's fans in the bleachers were celebrating Bacon Tuesday, a smorgasbord of foods laced with the namesake treat. In between bites they practiced the art of heckling the opposing right fielder, who just happened to be Francoeur that day. He took it well and even went into the stands after the game to sample some of the porky goodness. The following night he spotted his new epicurean friends and tossed a signed baseball wrapped in a $100 bill to them which read, "Beer or Bacon Dog on me. Jeff Francoeur."

"You don't get to build relationships like here in right field every day," Francoeur said before the game Wednesday. "I just enjoy them. It's a lot of fun."

This past Tuesday night was the second annual Bacon Tuesday and Francoeur again stopped by to mingle and sample the spread after the Royals 3-0 victory over the A's. One of the fans had even made shirts that claimed the event was "sponsored by" Francoeur. So on Wednesday, the visiting right fielder provided the banquet by sending 20 pizzas and a signed bat as a thank you.

Not sure what the fans enjoyed more -- the free meal or winning the series with Kansas City 2-1.

-- Adam Watson is the food czar at ThePostGame. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamKWatson.

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