What is a Denver omelet?

As Peyton Manning prepares to join the Broncos this week, that's just one of the questions no doubt on his mind. Having grown up in New Orleans and spent his entire career in Indianapolis, there's a lot the 14-year NFL veteran needs to know about the food traditions of his new western home. Anyone who doubts that has never sat down to a plate of Rocky Mountain oysters thinking they were getting seafood.

If Manning truly wants to fit in in Denver, he'll need to do more than just throw touchdowns at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. That starts with soaking up the local culture, including the famous omelet made with ham, cheese, green peppers and onions.

But not all of Denver's delicacies sound so appealing. Rocky Mountain oysters are just a deceptive name for deep-fried bull testicles. They also go by calf fries, prairie oysters and sometimes swinging beef. Although widely loved throughout the state of Colorado, I'm sure Manning would appreciate knowing what they are before a Broncos exec orders a plate for the table.

The first restaurant Denver's new quarterback should dine at is the historic Buckhorn Exchange. It is the oldest restaurant in the city, established in 1893, and sports the state's first liquor license behind the bar. Manning would just be one of thousands of famous patrons, who include five presidents and Hollywood stars from Will Rogers to Bob Hope. The Buckhorn, as it's known, is prized for its game meat from buffalo to rattlesnake to ostrich. If Manning's receipt from the Angus Barn in Raleigh, N.C. that popped up on the internet recently is any indication, he likes a good steak and should fit right in.

And since most conversations about Peyton will at some point include Eli, he should also check out an establishment named My Brother's Bar. There is no sign or awning to mark it, but locals know all about its killer burgers (including buffalo), extensive beer selection and a seemingly endless supply of Girl Scout Cookies.

No. 18 might have to switch his beer preference though. He's known to enjoy a Michelob Ultra from time to time, but now he'll be playing in Coors territory. If Manning isn't a fan of the silver bullet, he can find another favorite among the 2,000 offered at the Great American Beer Festival held annually in Denver.

But it'll take more than just signing on the dotted line and a couple Denver omelets for Broncos fans to truly accept Manning. Just ask Tim Tebow. It took the highly criticized quarterback two years and several miracle comebacks to finally fit in. That's when Bonfire Brewing Company gave him the ultimate tribute -- Tebrew.

For now, Manning should focus on his neck rehab, and watching out for those Rocky Mountain oysters.

-- Adam Watson is the food czar at ThePostGame. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamKWatson.

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